Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Aberdeen, MS

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Williams Mary: Republican

Does Mary have a birthday coming up? Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Mary Williams, ...Homestead Rd

Williams Monique: Republican

Would Monique want this? Is Monique Williams, ...Ben Bender Rd

Williams Nora: Republican

Nora's patriotic gift Is Nora Williams, ...Coontail Rd

Williams O: Republican

Look at this, O Phone 662-31.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

O Williams, ...

Williams Richmond F: Democrat

What would Richmond do about this? Is Richmond Williams, ...

Williams Robert: Republican

Is Robert looking for this? Is Robert Williams, ...Rd

Williams Robert E: Democrat

Get Robert a gift Is Robert Williams, ...Foster Rd

Williams Shirley: Republican

Would Shirley approve of this? Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Shirley Williams, ...Subdivision

Williams Taylor: Democrat

Show Taylor how much you care Is Taylor Williams, ...

Williams Thomas: Republican

Get Thomas a gift Is Thomas Williams, ...

Williams Tommy: Democrat

Get Tommy a gift Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Tommy Williams, ...S Thayer Ave

Williams Tracie: Democrat

What would Tracie do about this? Is Tracie Williams, ...Glendale Cir

Williams Tyler: Republican

Hey Tyler CHECK THIS OUT? Is Tyler Williams, ...

Williams Wayne: Republican

Get Wayne a gift Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Wayne Williams, ...Callahan Rd

Willingham Pam: Republican

Show Pam how much you care Is Pam Willingham, ...Walnut Main St

Willis Christopher: Republican

Buy Christopher a gift Is Christopher Willis, ...Wren Cemetery Rd

Willis Jimmy: Republican

What would Jimmy do with this? Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Jimmy Willis, ...Woodcrest Dr

Willis Lonia R: Democrat

Is Lonia looking for this? Is Lonia Willis, ...N Matubba St

Willis Lori: Republican

What would Lori do with this? Is Lori Willis, ...Pecan St

Willis Shirley: Republican

Does Shirley need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 662-36.-.... Aberdeen, MS 39730

Shirley Willis, ...N Matubba St

Willis Vera: Republican

Would Vera want this? Is Vera Willis, ...Railroad St

Wills John F Jr: Republican

What would John do with this? Is John Wills, ...Treas Lake Rd