Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Zaranka Angela L: Democrat

Hey Angela CHECK THIS OUT? Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Angela Zaranka, ...Tremont Dr

Zarate Nelba: Democrat

Does Nelba need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Nelba Zarate, ...Benecia Ct

Zaravia Rivera Maria E: Democrat

Show Rivera how much you care Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

Rivera Zaravia, ...Executive Ave

Zarco Rosa: Republican

What would Rosa do about this? Phone 703-93.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Rosa Zarco, ...N Rosser St

Zareh Edward: Republican

Look at this, Edward Is Edward Zareh, ...Valley Dr

Zarek Alicia: Democrat

Listen to this, Alicia? Is Alicia Zarek, ...Pole Rd

Zarek J S: Democrat

Would J approve of this? Phone 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

J Zarek, ...Chancel Pl

Zaremski Robert: Democrat

Find a mug just for Robert Is Robert Zaremski, ...S Columbus St

Zaremsky Edward: Democrat

What would Edward do about this? Is 703-57.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Edward Zaremsky, ...Harwich Ct

Zarfas Louis: Democrat

What would Louis do with this? Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Louis Zarfas, ...Jamieson Ave

Zarhloul Saad: Democrat

USA gifts just for Saad Is Saad Zarhloul, ...Morning Brook Ter

Zariqi Agim: Republican

Would Agim want this? Is 703-63.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Agim Zariqi, ...Beauregard St

Zarket Kathleen: Democrat

Hey Kathleen CHECK THIS OUT? Phone 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Kathleen Zarket, ...Franconia Commons Dr

Zarlenga Michael: Democrat

Is Michael looking for this? Is Michael Zarlenga, ...

Zarlengo Julie: Republican

Get Julie a gift Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Julie Zarlengo, ...Century Dr

Zarpas Gus: Democrat

Gus's patriotic gift Phone 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Gus Zarpas, ...S Washington St

Zarrella D: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for D Is D Zarrella, ...Edsall Rd

Zarwel Siegfried J: Democrat

What would Siegfried do with this? Is 703-51.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Siegfried Zarwel, ...S Pitt St

Zarzecki Erika: Democrat

Show Erika how much you care Phone 703-93.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Erika Zarzecki, ...Martha Custis Dr

Zaslow Isadore: Democrat

Show Isadore how much you care Is 703-67.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Isadore Zaslow, ...Park Center Dr

Zastrow Paul R: Democrat

Does Paul need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Paul Zastrow, ...Furman Ln

Zauber Glenn R: Democrat

Glenn's patriotic gift Phone 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Glenn Zauber, ...Green St

Zauber K: Democrat

K? K? Can you hear me K Is K Zauber, ...N Alfred St

Zavadil Carolyn: Democrat

Buy Carolyn a gift Is 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Carolyn Zavadil, ...Mill Towns Ct

Zavala Jose P: Democrat

Jose's patriotic gift Phone 703-97.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Jose Zavala, ...Gildar St

Zavala Reina: Democrat

USA gifts just for Reina Is Reina Zavala, ...Kenyon Dr

Zavala S: Democrat

Show S how much you care Is S Zavala, ...Richmond Hwy

Zavala Salvador: Republican

What would Salvador do about this? Phone 571-43.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Salvador Zavala, ...N Quaker Ln

Zavales John G: Democrat

What would John do with this? Is John Zavales, ...N Alfred St

Zavaleta Manuel: Democrat

Does Manuel need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Manuel Zavaleta, ...N Kings Hwy

Zavery Mohammed: Republican

What would Mohammed do about this? Is Mohammed Zavery, ...Yoakum Pkwy

Zavila Heidi: Democrat

Heidi has always wanted one of these? Is Heidi Zavila, ...N Ripley St

Zawacki A: Democrat

What would A do with this? Phone 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

A Zawacki, ...Liverpool Ln

Zawd Daniel: Republican

Daniel? Daniel? Can you hear me Daniel Is 703-67.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Daniel Zawd, ...Seminary Rd

Zawodny K: Republican

What would K do about this? Is 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

K Zawodny, ...Adrienne Dr

Zayas E D: Democrat

Look at this, E Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

E Zayas, ...W Glebe Rd

Zayas Elina: Democrat

Does Elina need some patriotic OOMPH? Is 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Elina Zayas, ...Mina Loma Ct

Zayas Jerry: Republican

USA gifts just for Jerry Is Jerry Zayas, ...Richmond Hwy

Zaycosky L: Democrat

What would L do about this? Phone 703-64.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

L Zaycosky, ...N Armistead St