Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Wise Augustine: Democrat

Augustine needs this.... really? Phone 703-97.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Augustine Wise, ...Jane Way

Wisecarver Cris: Republican

Would Cris want this? Is Cris Wisecarver, ...Dalebrook Dr

Wise Craig: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for Craig Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Craig Wise, ...Cameron Mills Rd

Wise Gregory: Democrat

What would Gregory do about this? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Gregory Wise, ...Coral Ln

Wise Gwen: Democrat

Look at this, Gwen Is Gwen Wise, ...Beryl Rd

Wise James: Democrat

Buy James a gift Is 703-56.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

James Wise, ...Holland Ln

Wise Jane: Democrat

USA gifts just for Jane Is Jane Wise, ...Jane Way

Wise Jay: Democrat

Is Jay looking for this? Is 703-97.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Jay Wise, ...Heatherwood Ct

Wisekal Bob: Republican

What would Bob do about this? Phone 703-35.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Bob Wisekal, ...N Armistead St

Wise Katherine K: Other

Is Katherine looking for this? Is Katherine Wise, ...Shenandoah Rd

Wise Kimberly C: Democrat

Hey Kimberly CHECK THIS OUT? Is 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Kimberly Wise, ...Monacan St

Wise L A: Republican

Buy L a gift Phone 703-67.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

L Wise, ...Fillmore Ave

Wise Lauress: Democrat

Find a mug just for Lauress Is Lauress Wise, ...N Pitt St

Wiseman G M: Republican

Would G approve of this? Is G Wiseman, ...Douglas St

Wiseman Julie: Democrat

Is Julie looking for this? Phone 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Julie Wiseman, ...Mansion Dr

Wiseman M K: Democrat

Does M need some patriotic OOMPH? Is M Wiseman, ...Potomac Ave

Wiseman Michael: Republican

Get Michael a gift Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Michael Wiseman, ...

Wiseman T: Democrat

Show T how much you care Is T Wiseman, ...Cameron Run Ter

Wise Mark: Republican

What would Mark do about this? Is Mark Wise, ...Ashby Ln

Wise Michael W: Democrat

Show Michael how much you care Phone 703-35.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Michael Wise, ...Arapaho Ln

Wise Nicholas: Democrat

Hey Nicholas CHECK THIS OUT? Is Nicholas Wise, ...Kahn Pl

Wise Riley W: Democrat

Buy Riley a gift Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

Riley Wise, ...Canterbury Ln

Wiser Milton H: Other

Would Milton approve of this? Phone 703-35.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Milton Wiser, ...Vale St

Wise Ruth: Democrat

Does Ruth have a birthday coming up? Is Ruth Wise, ...Fairbanks Ave

Wise Ryan: Democrat

Ryan's patriotic gift Is 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Ryan Wise, ...Wagon Wheel Rd

Wisham John: Democrat

Buy John a gift Phone 703-56.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

John Wisham, ...N Van Dorn St

Wisher R: Democrat

What would R do with this? Is R Wisher, ...N Paxton St

Wiskochil David: Democrat

Would David approve of this? Is 703-92.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

David Wiskochil, ...Bitternut Dr

Wisniewski John J: Republican

Listen to this, John? Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

John Wisniewski, ...Redcoat Dr

Wisniewski M: Democrat

What would M do about this? Is 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

M Wisniewski, ...Wessynton Way

Wisniewski Ronald: Democrat

USA gifts just for Ronald Is 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Ronald Wisniewski, ...Bound Brook Ln

Wisniewski William J: Democrat

Is William looking for this? Phone 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

William Wisniewski, ...Fillmore Ave

Wisnowski D A: Democrat

What would D do about this? Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

D Wisnowski, ...Chaucer Ln

Wisnowski Thomas K: Democrat

Hey Thomas CHECK THIS OUT? Is Thomas Wisnowski, ...Martha Custis Dr

Wisse Marilyn: Democrat

Buy Marilyn a gift Phone 703-72.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

Marilyn Wisse, ...Wakefield Dr

Wissert C B: Democrat

Find a mug just for C Is 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

C Wissert, ...Saint Annes Ct

Wissert Maggie: Democrat

Maggie's patriotic gift Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Maggie Wissert, ...Preston Rd

Wiswall W J: Democrat

Buy W a gift Phone 703-99.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

W Wiswall, ...Gunston Rd