Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Williams Clarence E: Democrat

Clarence's patriotic gift Phone 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Clarence Williams, ...Gibbon St

Williams Clarence: Republican

Would Clarence approve of this? Is Clarence Williams, ...Duke St

Williams Clarence L: Democrat

Show Clarence how much you care Is 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Clarence Williams, ...Raleigh Ave

Williams Cody: Democrat

Cody? Cody? Can you hear me Cody Phone 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Cody Williams, ...Park Center Dr

Williams Conlan: Democrat

Does Conlan have a birthday coming up? Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Conlan Williams, ...Jefferson St

Williams Constiana: Democrat

Would Constiana approve of this? Is Constiana Williams, ...Drake Ct

Williams Crystal L: Democrat

Crystal's patriotic gift Phone 703-32.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Crystal Williams, ...Mount Eagle Dr

Williams D W: Democrat

Buy D a gift Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

D Williams, ...N Pegram St

Williams D E: Republican

D needs this.... really? Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

D Williams, ...Princess St

Williams D J: Democrat

Hey D CHECK THIS OUT? Phone 703-35.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

D Williams, ...Pima St

Williams D C: Democrat

Would D approve of this? Is 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

D Williams, ...Ellingham Cir

Williams D: Democrat

Is D looking for this? Phone 703-75.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

D Williams, ...Virginia Ave

Williams D J: Democrat

D has always wanted one of these? Is D Williams, ...Richmond Hwy

Williams Dale P: Democrat

Is Dale looking for this? Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Dale Williams, ...Huron Pl

Williams Dallas: Democrat

Find a mug just for Dallas Is Dallas Williams, ...Duvawn St

Williams Dan: Republican

Would Dan approve of this? Is Dan Williams, ...Stonebridge Rd

Williams Daniel G: Democrat

Listen to this, Daniel? Phone 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

Daniel Williams, ...Mallory Cir

Williams Daniel: Republican

Buy Daniel a gift Is Daniel Williams, ...Stephies Ct

Williams Daniel R: Democrat

Get Daniel a gift Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Daniel Williams, ...E Glendale Ave

Williams Daniel: Democrat

Would Daniel approve of this? Is Daniel Williams, ...Stephies Ct

Williams Daphne M: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Daphne Is Daphne Williams, ...Sheffield Ct

Williams Daron L: Republican

USA gifts just for Daron Phone 703-61.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Daron Williams, ...Old Colony Way

Williams Darrell: Republican

What would Darrell do with this? Is Darrell Williams, ...Richmond Hwy

Williams David: Republican

Show David how much you care Is 703-92.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

David Williams, ...Marsham Ct

Williams David B: Democrat

Buy David a gift Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

David Williams, ...

Williams David: Republican

David has always wanted one of these? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22308

David Williams, ...Greylock St

Williams Dawn: Republican

Get Dawn a gift Is Dawn Williams, ...Beacon Hill Rd

Williams Deborah: Democrat

Show Deborah how much you care Phone 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

Deborah Williams, ...Dunwich Way

Williams Deborah A: Democrat

Look at this, Deborah Is Deborah Williams, ...Bermuda Green Ct

Williams Dee B: Other

USA gifts just for Dee Is 703-92.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Dee Williams, ...Maplefield Pl

Williams Deidra: Republican

Is Deidra looking for this? Phone 703-77.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Deidra Williams, ...