Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Balsbaugh Earl: Republican

What would Earl do about this? Phone 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Earl Balsbaugh, ...Saul Rd

Balsdon Greg: Democrat

Is Greg looking for this? Is 703-66.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

Greg Balsdon, ...W Wakefield Dr

Balsdon Gregory: Democrat

Would Gregory approve of this? Phone 703-66.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

Gregory Balsdon, ...W Wakefield Dr

Balster Galen: Democrat

Show Galen how much you care Is Galen Balster, ...Raleigh Ave

Baltas Milton M: Democrat

Look at this, Milton Is 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Milton Baltas, ...Sevor Ln

Baltazar Alicia: Democrat

Get Alicia a gift Phone 703-33.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Alicia Baltazar, ...Frenchmens Dr

Baltimore Alana: Democrat

Alana has always wanted one of these? Is Alana Baltimore, ...

Baltimore Anthony: Democrat

Hey Anthony CHECK THIS OUT? Is Anthony Baltimore, ...Alameda Ct

Baltimore Reginald: Republican

What would Reginald do about this? Phone 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Reginald Baltimore, ...Republic Ct

Baltodano Norma L: Democrat

What would Norma do with this? Is Norma Baltodano, ...Telegraph Rd

Baltz B: Republican

Does B need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

B Baltz, ...Cool Valley Ct

Baluch Jamal: Democrat

What would Jamal do about this? Is Jamal Baluch, ...Beauregard St

Baluch S: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for S Is S Baluch, ...Clonmel Ct

Baluja Sushil: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for Sushil Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Sushil Baluja, ...Redwood Ln

Balusamy Ramesh: Democrat

Ramesh's patriotic gift Is Ramesh Balusamy, ...Edsall Rd

Balvir Kaur: Republican

USA gifts just for Kaur Is Kaur Balvir, ...Applemint Ln

Balwin Willy: Republican

Willy? Willy? Can you hear me Willy Phone 703-63.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Willy Balwin, ...Beauregard St

Balya R: Other

USA gifts just for R Is R Balya, ...Founders Hill Ct

Bamba Aminata: Republican

Would Aminata want this? Is Aminata Bamba, ...Richmond Hwy

Bamba Ben: Democrat

Ben's patriotic gift Phone 703-56.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

Ben Bamba, ...Four Mile Rd

Bambara Alex: Democrat

Alex's patriotic gift Is Alex Bambara, ...E Howell Ave

Bambha O M: Republican

O has always wanted one of these? Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

O Bambha, ...Hollinwood Dr

Bamdad Amir: Republican

What would Amir do with this? Phone 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Amir Bamdad, ...Holmes Run Pkwy

Bame D: Democrat

Would D want this? Is D Bame, ...Waple Ln

Bamford M: Republican

Show M how much you care Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

M Bamford, ...Great Swan Ct

Bamford R W: Democrat

What would R do about this? Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

R Bamford, ...S Lee St

Bamzai Nalin: Democrat

Nalin has always wanted one of these? Is Nalin Bamzai, ...Russell Rd

Banales Jorge: Democrat

Would Jorge want this? Is Jorge Banales, ...Mount Vernon Ave

Banashek Steven M: Democrat

Buy Steven a gift Phone 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Steven Banashek, ...W Spring St

Banashek T: Democrat

What would T do about this? Is T Banashek, ...W Spring St

Bances Adriama: Democrat

Look at this, Adriama Is 703-79.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Adriama Bances, ...Highland Ln

Bances Rosa: Republican

USA gifts just for Rosa Phone 703-66.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Rosa Bances, ...Tower Dr

Banchoff A: Republican

Hey A CHECK THIS OUT? Is A Banchoff, ...

Banchoff Richard: Republican

Buy Richard a gift Is Richard Banchoff, ...N Fairfax St

Bancroft Frederic W: Democrat

What would Frederic do with this? Phone 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Frederic Bancroft, ...S Washington St

Bancroft Gina: Democrat

Gina's patriotic gift Is Gina Bancroft, ...N Van Dorn St

Banda Sydney: Democrat

Look at this, Sydney Is Sydney Banda, ...Frenchmens Dr

Bandelomar Maria: Democrat

Would Maria approve of this? Phone 703-93.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Maria Bandelomar, ...Bradford Ct

Bandera John A: Other

Look at this, John Is John Bandera, ...N Columbus St

Bander Asheley: Democrat

Look at this, Asheley Is Asheley Bander, ...N Howard St

Bander Catherine: Democrat

Get Catherine a gift Phone 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Catherine Bander, ...Maris Ave

Bandy J T: Republican

Hey J CHECK THIS OUT? Is J Bandy, ...Arell Ct

Bane D F: Democrat

Hey D CHECK THIS OUT? Is D Bane, ...Russell Rd

Bane Frank: Republican

Frank? Frank? Can you hear me Frank Phone 703-32.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Frank Bane, ...Mount Eagle Dr

Banega Ovilia: Republican

What would Ovilia do about this? Is 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

Ovilia Banega, ...Four Mile Rd

Banegas Ana M: Democrat

Hey Ana CHECK THIS OUT? Is 703-61.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Ana Banegas, ...Woodhue Pl

Banegas Elizabet: Democrat

Would Elizabet want this? Phone 703-93.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Elizabet Banegas, ...Branch Ave

Banegas Pineda Fabricio F: Republican

Buy Pineda a gift Is Pineda Banegas, ...Roanoke Dr

Banegas Reina I: Republican

Reina has always wanted one of these? Is Reina Banegas, ...Manitoba Dr

Bane O: Democrat

Does O need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-50.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

O Bane, ...

Banerjee Aniita: Democrat

Aniita? Aniita? Can you hear me Aniita Is 703-93.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Aniita Banerjee, ...Menokin Dr

Banerjee N: Democrat

Listen to this, N? Is 703-75.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

N Banerjee, ...Dartmouth Rd

Banerjee Nivedita: Democrat

Get Nivedita a gift Phone 703-41.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Nivedita Banerjee, ...Cameron Run Ter

Banerjee Sudipta: Republican

Look at this, Sudipta Is 703-94.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Sudipta Banerjee, ...Quantrell Ave

Banet Tom: Democrat

Buy Tom a gift Is Tom Banet, ...Brookside Dr

Banez J: Democrat

J? J? Can you hear me J Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

J Banez, ...S Alfred St

Banfield Peter: Democrat

Does Peter have a birthday coming up? Is 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

Peter Banfield, ...Cobbs Creek Ct

Banfill P: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for P Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

P Banfill, ...

Banford Harry C: Republican

Would Harry approve of this? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22308

Harry Banford, ...Potomac Ln

Banford Jearan: Democrat

Look at this, Jearan Is 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

Jearan Banford, ...Landover St

Bangachon William: Democrat

USA gifts just for William Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

William Bangachon, ...Fairchild Dr

Bangalore Venkatakrishn: Democrat

Venkatakrishn has always wanted one of these? Phone 703-25.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Venkatakrishn Bangalore, ...Manitoba Dr

Bang Carla: Republican

USA gifts just for Carla Is Carla Bang, ...S Washington St

Bang E: Democrat

Does E have a birthday coming up? Is E Bang, ...Medinah Ln

Banghart Allan: Republican

Allan? Allan? Can you hear me Allan Phone 703-61.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Allan Banghart, ...Warburton Ct

Bangit Elvira: Democrat

Would Elvira approve of this? Is Elvira Bangit, ...Yoakum Pkwy

Bango P A: Democrat

Does P have a birthday coming up? Is P Bango, ...

Bango S: Republican

Would S want this? Phone 703-32.-.... Alexandria, VA 22307

S Bango, ...Duffield Ln

Bango Sheri: Democrat

Buy Sheri a gift Is 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Sheri Bango, ...Waterford Pl

Bangoura Mmah: Republican

Mmah? Mmah? Can you hear me Mmah Is Mmah Bangoura, ...

Bangoura Salma: Democrat

What would Salma do with this? Phone 703-21.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Salma Bangoura, ...Edsall Rd

Bang Richard: Republican

What would Richard do with this? Is 703-21.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Richard Bang, ...

Bangura A: Democrat

Does A have a birthday coming up? Is A Bangura, ...S 28th St

Bangura Abdul: Democrat

Would Abdul approve of this? Phone 703-79.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Abdul Bangura, ...Washington Ave

Bangura Abdulai: Republican

Is Abdulai looking for this? Is 703-56.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Abdulai Bangura, ...Edsall Rd

Bangura Abu B: Democrat

Abu's patriotic gift Phone 703-64.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Abu Bangura, ...Quantrell Ave

Bangura Alhaji S: Democrat

Alhaji? Alhaji? Can you hear me Alhaji Is Alhaji Bangura, ...N Armistead St

Bangura Alhaji R: Republican

Is Alhaji looking for this? Is Alhaji Bangura, ...Dunster Ct

Bangura Gibriel: Democrat

Does Gibriel have a birthday coming up? Phone 703-66.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Gibriel Bangura, ...Edsall Rd

Bangura I: Democrat

Would I want this? Is 703-77.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

I Bangura, ...

Bangura Isatu: Democrat

Is Isatu looking for this? Is 703-52.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Isatu Bangura, ...Centennial Ct

Bangura Isha: Democrat

Listen to this, Isha? Is Isha Bangura, ...Edsall Rd

Bangura John: Democrat

USA gifts just for John Is 703-75.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

John Bangura, ...N Armistead St

Bangura Mabinty: Republican

USA gifts just for Mabinty Phone 703-34.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Mabinty Bangura, ...Hallie Rose Pl

Bangura Mariama K: Democrat

Listen to this, Mariama? Is Mariama Bangura, ...S Whiting St

Bangura Mariama: Democrat

USA gifts just for Mariama Phone 703-65.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Mariama Bangura, ...Quantrell Ave

Bangura Marie: Republican

Buy Marie a gift Is Marie Bangura, ...Duke St

Bangura Mohmed: Democrat

Mohmed has always wanted one of these? Is Mohmed Bangura, ...N Armistead St

Bangura Osman: Democrat

Would Osman want this? Phone 703-65.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Osman Bangura, ...Edsall Rd

Bangura Patrick A: Democrat

Listen to this, Patrick? Is 703-64.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Patrick Bangura, ...N Armistead St

Bangura Pedro: Republican

What would Pedro do about this? Phone 703-99.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Pedro Bangura, ...Edsall Rd

Bangura S: Republican

S's patriotic gift Is S Bangura, ...Sky View Dr

Bangura Safiatu: Democrat

Hey Safiatu CHECK THIS OUT? Is Safiatu Bangura, ...King Louis Dr

Bangura Sao: Republican

Get Sao a gift Phone 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

Sao Bangura, ...Madison St

Bangura Sulaiman: Democrat

Look at this, Sulaiman Is Sulaiman Bangura, ...Caryn Ct