Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Winkler Judy: Republican

USA gifts just for Judy Phone 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Judy Winkler, ...John Ticer Dr

Winkler Karen: Democrat

Buy Karen a gift Is Karen Winkler, ...Hayfield Rd

Winkler Mary H: Republican

Mary's patriotic gift Is 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Mary Winkler, ...

Winkler R F: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for R Phone 703-97.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

R Winkler, ...Wivenhoe Ct

Winkler Richard: Republican

Show Richard how much you care Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Richard Winkler, ...Braxton Pl

Wink R S: Democrat

Get R a gift Phone 703-68.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

R Wink, ...

Winn Allan R: Democrat

Allan's patriotic gift Is Allan Winn, ...Marshall Ln

Winner David: Democrat

David? David? Can you hear me David Is David Winner, ...Arlington Dr

Winner John P: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for John Phone 703-35.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

John Winner, ...Brookside Dr

Winner Richad D: Democrat

Is Richad looking for this? Is 703-79.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Richad Winner, ...Leaf Rd

Winnette M C: Democrat

What would M do about this? Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

M Winnette, ...Kirkland Pl

Winningham Faith: Republican

Buy Faith a gift Phone 703-33.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

Faith Winningham, ...Bartley Way

Winn R T: Democrat

Is R looking for this? Is 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

R Winn, ...S Pitt St

Winograd Erin: Republican

Look at this, Erin Phone 703-50.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Erin Winograd, ...S Gordon St

Winsch Keiko: Democrat

Buy Keiko a gift Is Keiko Winsch, ...Chalfonte Dr

Winslow Gerrie: Republican

What would Gerrie do about this? Is Gerrie Winslow, ...N Lee St

Winslow Lester: Democrat

Does Lester need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Lester Winslow, ...Carriage House Ct

Winslow P: Democrat

P's patriotic gift Is P Winslow, ...Lantern Pl

Winslow S: Democrat

Does S have a birthday coming up? Is 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

S Winslow, ...Snowpea Ct

Winslow Sheila: Democrat

Does Sheila need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Sheila Winslow, ...Noel St

Winslow Thomas: Democrat

Thomas needs this.... really? Is Thomas Winslow, ...Braddock Pl

Winslow William F: Republican

Does William have a birthday coming up? Is William Winslow, ...S Fairfax St

Winsor D I: Democrat

Get D a gift Phone 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

D Winsor, ...Edison Dr

Winstanley K C: Republican

K has always wanted one of these? Is K Winstanley, ...Duffield Ln

Winstanley Michael: Democrat

What would Michael do about this? Is 703-51.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Michael Winstanley, ...Mason Hill Dr

Winstead Anthony: Republican

What would Anthony do about this? Phone 571-43.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Anthony Winstead, ...W Braddock Rd

Winstead G: Democrat

G? G? Can you hear me G Is G Winstead, ...Duke St

Winstead George: Democrat

What would George do about this? Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

George Winstead, ...E Mason Ave

Winstead Robert: Democrat

Robert has always wanted one of these? Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Robert Winstead, ...Elmwood Dr

Winston Barbara: Democrat

Show Barbara how much you care Is Barbara Winston, ...Cabin Creek Rd

Winston John: Democrat

What would John do about this? Is 703-67.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

John Winston, ...Dogwood Dr

Winston John H: Republican

John needs this.... really? Phone 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

John Winston, ...Arlington Dr

Winston L B: Republican

What would L do with this? Is L Winston, ...

Winston M: Republican

Show M how much you care Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

M Winston, ...

Winter H F: Democrat

Show H how much you care Phone 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

H Winter, ...Martha Custis Dr

Winterhalter R: Democrat

Buy R a gift Is 703-92.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

R Winterhalter, ...Crocus Ct

Winter Jocelyn: Democrat

Jocelyn needs this.... really? Is Jocelyn Winter, ...Beryl Rd

Winterling S: Republican

S has always wanted one of these? Phone 703-83.-.... Alexandria, VA 22314

S Winterling, ...Jamieson Ave