Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Alexandria, VA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Wertz Lauren: Republican

Would Lauren approve of this? Phone 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

Lauren Wertz, ...Adonis Ct

Wesbecher M: Other

Hey M CHECK THIS OUT? Is M Wesbecher, ...Mount Eagle Dr

Wesberry James P Jr: Democrat

Find a mug just for James Is 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22310

James Wesberry, ...Franconia Rd

Wesche Todd: Democrat

Listen to this, Todd? Phone 703-29.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Todd Wesche, ...

Wescott Donald P: Republican

Show Donald how much you care Is Donald Wescott, ...W Oak St

Wescott Mary M: Republican

Mary? Mary? Can you hear me Mary Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Mary Wescott, ...Fleming St

Wesely Edward: Republican

Edward's patriotic gift Phone 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Edward Wesely, ...Stevenson Ave

Weslager J: Republican

What would J do about this? Is 703-73.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

J Weslager, ...Monticello Blvd

Wesley B: Republican

What would B do about this? Is 703-77.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

B Wesley, ...

Wesley C Y: Democrat

Find a mug just for C Phone 703-61.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

C Wesley, ...Mount Woodley Pl

Wesley Helen: Democrat

Helen has always wanted one of these? Is Helen Wesley, ...Oaklake Ct

Wesley J: Democrat

What would J do with this? Is 703-54.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

J Wesley, ...Ancell St

Wesley Marty: Democrat

Does Marty need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 703-82.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Marty Wesley, ...N Ripley St

Wesley Regina: Republican

Listen to this, Regina? Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Regina Wesley, ...Snowpea Ct

Wesner John: Republican

Look at this, John Is John Wesner, ...Seminary Rd

Wessel Ken: Democrat

Find a mug just for Ken Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Ken Wessel, ...Mount Eagle Dr

Wessels Christine: Democrat

Does Christine have a birthday coming up? Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Christine Wessels, ...Merton Ct

Wessels James H: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for James Is James Wessels, ...Morning Glen Ln

Wessinger Ellen: Democrat

Ellen has always wanted one of these? Phone 703-36.-.... Alexandria, VA 22309

Ellen Wessinger, ...Radford Ave

Wesson Randy: Democrat

Would Randy want this? Is Randy Wesson, ...

West Anne: Democrat

Would Anne want this? Is 703-46.-.... Alexandria, VA 22304

Anne West, ...Murtha St

West Ben Jr: Republican

Hey Ben CHECK THIS OUT? Phone 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22306

Ben West, ...Convair Dr

Westberg Clifford: Republican

Clifford has always wanted one of these? Is Clifford Westberg, ...Rock Ridge Ln

Westberg Jennifer A: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Jennifer Is Jennifer Westberg, ...Saint Asaph St

Westbrook M: Democrat

Listen to this, M? Phone 703-71.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

M Westbrook, ...

Westbrook Tate: Democrat

Buy Tate a gift Is Tate Westbrook, ...Fort Hill Dr

West C E Jr: Democrat

Buy C a gift Is C West, ...

West C: Democrat

What would C do with this? Phone 703-73.-.... Alexandria, VA 22305

C West, ...Mount Vernon Ave

West Carlton: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Carlton Is 703-56.-.... Alexandria, VA 22311

Carlton West, ...W Braddock Rd

West Charles O: Democrat

Get Charles a gift Is 703-75.-.... Alexandria, VA 22312

Charles West, ...Berlee Dr

West Christopher: Democrat

Does Christopher have a birthday coming up? Phone 703-57.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

Christopher West, ...N Van Dorn St

West Converse R: Democrat

Converse's patriotic gift Is Converse West, ...Pickett St

West Converse M: Democrat

Buy Converse a gift Is 703-37.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Converse West, ...Pickett St

West Corey T: Republican

Hey Corey CHECK THIS OUT? Phone 703-96.-.... Alexandria, VA 22303

Corey West, ...Fort Farnsworth Rd

Westcott Garry: Democrat

What would Garry do about this? Is 703-78.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

Garry Westcott, ...

Westcott J M: Democrat

What would J do about this? Is J Westcott, ...Grandview Dr

Westcott K: Republican

Would K want this? Phone 703-25.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

K Westcott, ...

Westcott R K: Republican

USA gifts just for R Is 703-99.-.... Alexandria, VA 22302

R Westcott, ...Wyndham Cir

West Cynthia M: Democrat

Would Cynthia approve of this? Is Cynthia West, ...Les Dorson Ln

West D T: Republican

Would D want this? Phone 703-31.-.... Alexandria, VA 22315

D West, ...Dreams Way Ct

West D: Democrat

USA gifts just for D Is 703-76.-.... Alexandria, VA 22301

D West, ...