Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Compton, CA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Villa Nubia L: Democrat

What would Nubia do about this? Phone 310-53.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Nubia Villa, ...

Villanueva Agustin: Democrat

Buy Agustin a gift Is 562-29.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Agustin Villanueva, ...

Villanueva Amado: Democrat

What would Amado do about this? Phone 310-60.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Amado Villanueva, ...W Tichenor St

Villanueva Ana: Democrat

Ana needs this.... really? Is Ana Villanueva, ...N Spring Ave

Villanueva Carlos: Republican

Buy Carlos a gift Phone 310-88.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Carlos Villanueva, ...E Golden St

Villanueva Carmen: Democrat

USA gifts just for Carmen Is 310-76.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Carmen Villanueva, ...S Central Ave

Villanueva Dionne: Other

Patriotic gifts just for Dionne Is Dionne Villanueva, ...

Villanueva Eliseo: Democrat

Does Eliseo have a birthday coming up? Is 323-58.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Eliseo Villanueva, ...3

Villanueva Felicita: Democrat

Is Felicita looking for this? Phone 310-63.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Felicita Villanueva, ...E Pine St

Villanueva Guillermina: Democrat

Listen to this, Guillermina? Is Guillermina Villanueva, ...S Bullis Rd

Villanueva Israel: Democrat

Hey Israel CHECK THIS OUT? Is 310-76.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Israel Villanueva, ...W Tichenor St

Villanueva Jorge: Republican

What would Jorge do about this? Is Jorge Villanueva, ...S Thorson Ave

Villanueva Jose: Republican

Is Jose looking for this? Is Jose Villanueva, ...W 152nd St

Villanueva Lorena: Republican

Lorena's patriotic gift Phone 310-76.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Lorena Villanueva, ...W Magnolia St

Villanueva Luis: Democrat

Would Luis approve of this? Is Luis Villanueva, ...E San Carlos St

Villanueva M: Republican

Listen to this, M? Phone 310-63.-.... Compton, CA 90221

M Villanueva, ...

Villanueva Ma C: Democrat

USA gifts just for Ma Is 310-63.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Ma Villanueva, ...E San Rafael St

Villanueva Maria: Democrat

What would Maria do with this? Phone 310-63.-.... Compton, CA 90222

Maria Villanueva, ...E 126th St

Villanueva Maria D: Democrat

USA gifts just for Maria Is Maria Villanueva, ...S Atlantic Ave

Villanueva Maria: Democrat

Would Maria approve of this? Phone 310-93.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Maria Villanueva, ...

Villanueva Marta: Republican

Find a mug just for Marta Is Marta Villanueva, ...E Alondra Blvd

Villanueva Martin: Democrat

Would Martin approve of this? Phone 310-76.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Martin Villanueva, ...

Villanueva Miguel A: Democrat

Find a mug just for Miguel Is 310-66.-.... Compton, CA 90221

Miguel Villanueva, ...S Atlantic Ave

Villanueva Norma: Democrat

What would Norma do with this? Phone 310-66.-.... Compton, CA 90222

Norma Villanueva, ...E El Segundo Blvd

Villanueva Patricia: Republican

Does Patricia have a birthday coming up? Is 310-63.-.... Compton, CA 90220

Patricia Villanueva, ...W 163rd St