Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Downey, CA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Rossmeier Kalin: Democrat

Get Kalin a gift Phone 562-62.-.... Downey, CA 90240

Kalin Rossmeier, ...

Rothenberger Joel: Democrat

USA gifts just for Joel Is Joel Rothenberger, ...Dalewood Ave

Rothenberger Kathleen II: Democrat

Would Kathleen approve of this? Is Kathleen Rothenberger, ...

Rothenberger Kathleen: Democrat

Show Kathleen how much you care Is Kathleen Rothenberger, ...

Rothenberg Jeff: Democrat

What would Jeff do with this? Phone 562-92.-.... Downey, CA 90241

Jeff Rothenberg, ...Longworth Ave

Roth Geo: Democrat

What would Geo do about this? Is Geo Roth, ...Ibbetson Ave

Rounkles Joanne: Democrat

Does Joanne need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90240

Joanne Rounkles, ...

Roupe Stephen: Democrat

Listen to this, Stephen? Is Stephen Roupe, ...Tristan Dr

Roussos Sotiria: Democrat

Sotiria's patriotic gift Is Sotiria Roussos, ...

Rowe Chas K: Democrat

Chas needs this.... really? Phone 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90241

Chas Rowe, ...La Villa St

Rowe D: Democrat

What would D do with this? Is 562-92.-.... Downey, CA 90240

D Rowe, ...

Rowe Greg: Democrat

What would Greg do with this? Is Greg Rowe, ...Paramount Blvd

Rowe Jeames: Republican

Show Jeames how much you care Is 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90242

Jeames Rowe, ...Hondo St

Rowe Peter G: Democrat

Is Peter looking for this? Is Peter Rowe, ...Orizaba Ave

Rowe Rosario E: Democrat

Show Rosario how much you care Phone 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90241

Rosario Rowe, ...La Villa St

Rowe Z: Republican

Is Z looking for this? Is Z Rowe, ...

Row Julie: Democrat

Get Julie a gift Phone 562-29.-.... Downey, CA 90240

Julie Row, ...Tweedy Ln

Rowland Doren: Democrat

Doren has always wanted one of these? Is Doren Rowland, ...Glynn Ave

Royce E: Republican

Would E approve of this? Is 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90240

E Royce, ...

Royce Geo: Democrat

USA gifts just for Geo Phone 562-86.-.... Downey, CA 90242

Geo Royce, ...Samoline Ave

Roy Jim: Democrat

Find a mug just for Jim Is 562-29.-.... Downey, CA 90241

Jim Roy, ...

Roy Jimmie: Democrat

Buy Jimmie a gift Phone 562-92.-.... Downey, CA 90239

Jimmie Roy, ...

Roylance M E: Democrat

M has always wanted one of these? Is M Roylance, ...