Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Hernando, FL

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Rautio Roland R: Republican

What would Roland do about this? Phone 352-72.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Roland Rautio, ...E Timberwood Ct

Raver J: Republican

Does J need some patriotic OOMPH? Is 352-34.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

J Raver, ...N Nature Trl

Ravitz Theresa: Republican

Would Theresa approve of this? Is 352-72.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Theresa Ravitz, ...N Treasure Pt

Rawlins Jean: Democrat

Listen to this, Jean? Is 352-72.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Jean Rawlins, ...N Chandler Dr

Ray A C: Democrat

What would A do with this? Is A Ray, ...E Thunderhill Loop

Raybold Robert: Republican

Does Robert have a birthday coming up? Phone 352-74.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Robert Raybold, ...N Sarasota Pt

Ray Calvin H: Democrat

Buy Calvin a gift Is Calvin Ray, ...E Glassboro Ct

Ray Deanna: Republican

Deanna has always wanted one of these? Is 352-52.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Deanna Ray, ...W Chase St

Ray Eddie: Republican

What would Eddie do about this? Phone 352-34.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Eddie Ray, ...N Cherrytree Ter

Ray Kervin: Democrat

What would Kervin do about this? Is Kervin Ray, ...E Joplin Ct

Raymundo Renato: Republican

What would Renato do about this? Is Renato Raymundo, ...E Keller Ct

Ray Stacy: Republican

Get Stacy a gift Is 352-56.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Stacy Ray, ...E Harvard Dr

Razzano Mary: Democrat

Mary's patriotic gift Is 352-86.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Mary Razzano, ...

Read Gail: Republican

Get Gail a gift Phone 352-52.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Gail Read, ...

Read George: Democrat

George needs this.... really? Is 352-72.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

George Read, ...N Lecanto Hwy

Reagle Kenneth R: Republican

What would Kenneth do with this? Is Kenneth Reagle, ...N Trucks Ave

Rea William B: Republican

William's patriotic gift Phone 352-74.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

William Rea, ...W Silver Meadow Loop

Reber V: Democrat

V needs this.... really? Is V Reber, ...E Winnetka St

Recanzone Robert W: Republican

What would Robert do about this? Is Robert Recanzone, ...N Ironstone Ter

Reckner Gene: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for Gene Phone 352-34.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Gene Reckner, ...N Man O War Dr

Rector Cary: Democrat

Would Cary want this? Is 352-34.-.... Hernando, FL 34442

Cary Rector, ...N Lakeside Dr