Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Jackson, MS

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Willis Elbert: Democrat

Would Elbert approve of this? Phone 601-36.-.... Jackson, MS 39213

Elbert Willis, ...Elraine Blvd

Willis Estell G: Democrat

Is Estell looking for this? Is Estell Willis, ...Huntington Dr

Willis Frank: Republican

Does Frank need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 601-35.-.... Jackson, MS 39209

Frank Willis, ...Robinson St

Willis Homer: Democrat

Buy Homer a gift Is Homer Willis, ...Bishop Ave

Willis J T: Democrat

Find a mug just for J Is J Willis, ...Wacaster St

Willis James R: Democrat

Is James looking for this? Is James Willis, ...Wilhurst St

Willis Joe: Democrat

Show Joe how much you care Is Joe Willis, ...Queen Julianna Ln

Willis Johnny: Republican

What would Johnny do with this? Phone 601-34.-.... Jackson, MS 39212

Johnny Willis, ...Western Hills Dr

Willis Josie M: Democrat

What would Josie do about this? Is Josie Willis, ...Gammill St

Willis Joyce: Republican

Joyce has always wanted one of these? Is Joyce Willis, ...Wisteria Dr

Willis Julie: Democrat

Julie has always wanted one of these? Phone 601-37.-.... Jackson, MS 39212

Julie Willis, ...Big Creek Rd

Willis K R: Republican

USA gifts just for K Is K Willis, ...

Willis Lamar: Republican

Is Lamar looking for this? Is Lamar Willis, ...Forest Glen Dr

Willis Lashundra: Democrat

Get Lashundra a gift Phone 601-66.-.... Jackson, MS 39204

Lashundra Willis, ...Paden St

Willis Linda: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Linda Is Linda Willis, ...Rebel Woods Dr

Willis Mary: Republican

What would Mary do with this? Is Mary Willis, ...Belmont St

Willis Maurice: Democrat

Would Maurice approve of this? Phone 601-99.-.... Jackson, MS 39206

Maurice Willis, ...Briarwood Dr

Willis Michelle: Republican

What would Michelle do about this? Is Michelle Willis, ...Carolwood Dr

Willis Narcis: Democrat

Would Narcis approve of this? Is Narcis Willis, ...Manhattan Rd

Willis O: Democrat

Is O looking for this? Phone 601-94.-.... Jackson, MS 39203

O Willis, ...Campbell St

Willis R: Republican

R has always wanted one of these? Is R Willis, ...

Willis Raymonda: Democrat

Does Raymonda have a birthday coming up? Is Raymonda Willis, ...

Willis Reginald: Republican

Buy Reginald a gift Phone 601-97.-.... Jackson, MS 39211

Reginald Willis, ...Ferncrest Dr

Willis S: Democrat

Buy S a gift Is S Willis, ...Northside Cir

Willis Sharon: Republican

Would Sharon want this? Phone 601-94.-.... Jackson, MS 39209

Sharon Willis, ...Ellis Ave

Willis Shelia D: Republican

Does Shelia need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Shelia Willis, ...Barbara St

Willis Shellie: Democrat

What would Shellie do about this? Is Shellie Willis, ...Wyndallwood Ct

Willis Shirley: Democrat

Shirley's patriotic gift Phone 601-34.-.... Jackson, MS 39212

Shirley Willis, ...Sleepy Hollow Dr

Willis Sonya: Republican

Would Sonya approve of this? Is Sonya Willis, ...Briarwood Dr

Willis Takessa: Republican

Takessa's patriotic gift Is Takessa Willis, ...

Willis Tamecka: Democrat

Listen to this, Tamecka? Phone 601-37.-.... Jackson, MS 39212

Tamecka Willis, ...Bienville Dr

Willis Tekesha: Democrat

Would Tekesha approve of this? Is Tekesha Willis, ...Cummins St

Willis Timothy G: Republican

Hey Timothy CHECK THIS OUT? Is Timothy Willis, ...Carpenter Dr

Willis Todd: Republican

What would Todd do about this? Phone 601-36.-.... Jackson, MS 39206

Todd Willis, ...Eagle Ave

Willis Tracy T: Democrat

Listen to this, Tracy? Is Tracy Willis, ...Sewanee Dr

Willis Verne: Democrat

Get Verne a gift Is Verne Willis, ...Mitchell Ave

Willis W R Jr: Republican

Buy W a gift Phone 601-98.-.... Jackson, MS 39206

W Willis, ...Chastain Dr