Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Los Angeles, CA

Voting predictions for the 2010 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Mesrobian Serope: Democrat

Get Serope a gift Phone 323-66.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90027

Serope Mesrobian, ...N Kenmore Ave

Mesropian Garen: Democrat

Does Garen need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 323-66.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90027

Garen Mesropian, ...Los Feliz Blvd

Mesrop Robert M Jr: Democrat

Does Robert need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Robert Mesrop, ...Tabor St

Mesropyan Y: Republican

What would Y do about this? Is 323-46.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90027 Y Mesropyan, , story links.

Y Mesropyan, ...Franklin Ave

Mesropyan Yuriy: Democrat

Look at this, Yuriy Is 323-46.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90027 Yuriy Mesropyan, must-see links.

Yuriy Mesropyan, ...Franklin Ave

Mesropyan Zaklin: Republican

Get Zaklin a gift Is 323-66.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90027 Zaklin Mesropyan, look at this hot area story

Zaklin Mesropyan, ...N Kingsley Dr

Messah Louis-Rodrigu: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Louis-Rodrigu Phone 310-47.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90025

Louis-Rodrigu Messah, ...

Messakh S: Democrat

Show S how much you care Is 323-96.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90029 S Messakh, related info.

S Messakh, ...

Messall Sara: Democrat

Look at this, Sara Phone 323-34.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90032 Sara Messall, story links.

Sara Messall, ...Almont St

Messan Iris: Republican

Buy Iris a gift Is Iris Messan, ...

Messano Enver: Democrat

Look at this, Enver Is 323-46.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90038 Enver Messano, intriguing shake-your-head items.

Enver Messano, ...N Las Palmas Ave

Messano S: Republican

Get S a gift Is 323-46.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90068 S Messano, area story

S Messano, ...N Beachwood Dr

Messaye Anderson: Democrat

Look at this, Anderson Is Anderson Messaye, ...

Messaye Stacy: Democrat

What would Stacy do about this? Phone 323-29.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90016

Stacy Messaye, ...

Messengale Fred: Democrat

Would Fred approve of this? Is 323-81.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90062 Fred Messengale, note this hot area story

Fred Messengale, ...S Gramercy Pl

Messenger A L: Democrat

Would A approve of this? Is 323-25.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90041 A Messenger, wow info shake-your-head.

A Messenger, ...Rockland Ave

Messenger Gary: Republican

Listen to this, Gary? Is Gary Messenger, ...S Bentley Ave

Messenger Larry: Republican

What would Larry do with this? Is Larry Messenger, ...S La Jolla Ave

Messer Almenia: Democrat

Would Almenia approve of this? Phone 323-29.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90008 Almenia Messer, eye-popping story.

Almenia Messer, ...Lockland Dr

Messer Ben: Republican

Buy Ben a gift Is 213-36.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90020 Ben Messer, hot strory

Ben Messer, ...

Messer E: Democrat

E has always wanted one of these? Phone 310-41.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90045 E Messer, hot strory

E Messer, ...

Messer Geo G: Democrat

Does Geo need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Geo Messer, ...Mount Vernon Dr

Messerian Razmig: Democrat

What would Razmig do about this? Is Razmig Messerian, ...

Messeri Jose: Democrat

Jose has always wanted one of these? Phone 310-44.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90025 Jose Messeri, wow news info hot.

Jose Messeri, ...

Messeri T: Democrat

Would T approve of this? Is 310-36.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90035 T Messeri, news and shake-your-head info.

T Messeri, ...S Holt Ave

Messer J: Democrat

What would J do about this? Is 323-65.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90048 J Messer, intriguing new items.

J Messer, ...

Messer Krystal: Republican

What would Krystal do about this? Phone 213-32.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90014

Krystal Messer, ...

Messerly Robt J: Democrat

Does Robt need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Robt Messerly, ...Wildwood Dr

Messerman L: Democrat

L's patriotic gift Phone 323-46.-.... Los Angeles, CA 90068 L Messerman, spot news.

L Messerman, ...