Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Oklahoma City, OK

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Wilson Charlesetta: Democrat

Get Charlesetta a gift Phone 405-23.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Charlesetta Wilson, ...NE 16th St

Wilson Charlotte: Democrat

Charlotte's patriotic gift Is Charlotte Wilson, ...SW 69th St

Wilson Charlotte W: Republican

Buy Charlotte a gift Phone 405-60.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Charlotte Wilson, ...Winter Dr

Wilson Chas F: Republican

Chas? Chas? Can you hear me Chas Is Chas Wilson, ...SW 66th St

Wilson Chas: Republican

Show Chas how much you care Is Chas Wilson, ...SW 100th St

Wilson Cheryl: Democrat

Does Cheryl need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 405-60.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Cheryl Wilson, ...Schooner St

Wilson Chestine: Republican

Hey Chestine CHECK THIS OUT? Is 405-94.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Chestine Wilson, ...NW 16th St

Wilson Chevon: Republican

What would Chevon do about this? Phone 405-74.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Chevon Wilson, ...NW 102nd St

Wilson Chris: Democrat

Does Chris have a birthday coming up? Is 405-72.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Chris Wilson, ...Lansbrook Ct

Wilson Christine: Democrat

What would Christine do about this? Is 405-79.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Christine Wilson, ...SW 103rd St

Wilson Christy: Republican

What would Christy do with this? Is Christy Wilson, ...NW 7th Pl

Wilson Cierra: Republican

Does Cierra have a birthday coming up? Is 405-47.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Cierra Wilson, ...Lyrewood Ln

Wilson Clara W: Republican

Show Clara how much you care Is 405-42.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Clara Wilson, ...NE 51st St

Wilson Clyde T: Democrat

Listen to this, Clyde? Phone 405-47.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Clyde Wilson, ...E Britton Rd

Wilson Coby: Democrat

Hey Coby CHECK THIS OUT? Is 405-85.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Coby Wilson, ...NW 63rd St

Wilson Connie: Republican

Does Connie have a birthday coming up? Phone 405-75.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Connie Wilson, ...NW 118th St

Wilson Corey: Republican

Hey Corey CHECK THIS OUT? Is Corey Wilson, ...NW 52nd St

Wilson Cynthia: Democrat

Buy Cynthia a gift Is Cynthia Wilson, ...Basswood Canyon Rd

Wilson D: Republican

Get D a gift Is D Wilson, ...SE 77th St

Wilson D K: Republican

Hey D CHECK THIS OUT? Is 405-87.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73113

D Wilson, ...

Wilson D: Republican

Buy D a gift Phone 405-75.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73134

D Wilson, ...N Pennsylvania Ave

Wilson D M: Republican

D has always wanted one of these? Is D Wilson, ...NW 41st St

Wilson D: Democrat

What would D do with this? Is 405-94.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73107

D Wilson, ...NW 18th St

Wilson Danelle: Republican

Listen to this, Danelle? Phone 405-42.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Danelle Wilson, ...NE 42nd St

Wilson Danny: Republican

Hey Danny CHECK THIS OUT? Is 405-68.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Danny Wilson, ...SW 78th St

Wilson Daphne: Democrat

What would Daphne do with this? Is 405-60.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Daphne Wilson, ...N Norman St

Wilson Darla: Democrat

What would Darla do about this? Phone 405-63.-.... Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Darla Wilson, ...

Wilson David: Republican

What would David do with this? Is David Wilson, ...S Highland Park Dr