Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Skippack, PA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Rufsmur Jessica: Republican

Would Jessica approve of this? Phone 484-99.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Jessica Rufsmur, ...Seneca Ct

Santino Nicole: Democrat

Find a mug just for Nicole Is Nicole Santino, ...Mensch Rd

Saxton May: Republican

Does May have a birthday coming up? Is May Saxton, ...Reagan Dr

Schaffner Kathy: Democrat

Does Kathy need some patriotic OOMPH? Phone 484-99.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Kathy Schaffner, ...Mountaintop Dr

Silverstein Russell: Republican

What would Russell do with this? Is 484-99.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Russell Silverstein, ...Township Line Rd

Smith M M: Democrat

What would M do with this? Is M Smith, ...Hoffman Ct

Sparkevicius Brian: Republican

What would Brian do about this? Phone 610-22.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Brian Sparkevicius, ...Anders Rd

Subers Brian: Democrat

Does Brian need some patriotic OOMPH? Is Brian Subers, ...Skippack Park

Swanson Andrew III: Republican

What would Andrew do with this? Is Andrew Swanson, ...Lantern Ln

Thornton Shanelle: Democrat

Buy Shanelle a gift Phone 484-99.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Shanelle Thornton, ...Store Rd

Trumbore Jessica: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Jessica Is Jessica Trumbore, ...Rittenhouse Ln

Trump Jennifer: Republican

Look at this, Jennifer Is Jennifer Trump, ...Bridge Rd

Valevas M: Republican

What would M do with this? Phone 610-22.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

M Valevas, ...Ottawa Ct

Venezia Joseph: Republican

Joseph? Joseph? Can you hear me Joseph Is Joseph Venezia, ...Inspiration St

Venezia Joseph F: Republican

Would Joseph approve of this? Is Joseph Venezia, ...Inspiration St

Walker James: Republican

James? James? Can you hear me James Phone 484-99.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

James Walker, ...Mensch Rd

Walsh Douglas: Republican

Douglas? Douglas? Can you hear me Douglas Is 610-58.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Douglas Walsh, ...Tranquility St

Wesselt Rich: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for Rich Phone 610-22.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Rich Wesselt, ...Arcadia Ln

Wood John P: Democrat

Would John approve of this? Is 610-22.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

John Wood, ...Cressman Rd

Woolfey Joe: Democrat

USA gifts just for Joe Is Joe Woolfey, ...Brandywine Ct

Yun Christine C: Republican

Christine 's patriotic gift Phone 610-48.-.... Skippack, PA 19474

Christine Yun, ...Palmer Ct