Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Tampa, FL

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Baez Odette: Democrat

Would Odette approve of this? Phone 813-81.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Odette Baez, ...

Baez Onix: Democrat

Onix? Onix? Can you hear me Onix Is 813-98.-.... Tampa, FL 33604

Onix Baez, ...N Renfrew Pl

Baez Orestes: Democrat

Would Orestes approve of this? Is Orestes Baez, ...

Baez Radames: Democrat

Hey Radames CHECK THIS OUT? Is Radames Baez, ...Rosecliff Dr

Baez Rafael: Democrat

Listen to this, Rafael? Phone 813-65.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Rafael Baez, ...Gertrude Dr

Baez Ramona: Republican

What would Ramona do about this? Is 813-24.-.... Tampa, FL 33605

Ramona Baez, ...E Palm Ave

Baez Sonia: Democrat

Look at this, Sonia Is Sonia Baez, ...W Leroy St

Baez Teresa: Republican

Does Teresa have a birthday coming up? Phone 813-96.-.... Tampa, FL 33625

Teresa Baez, ...Plummer Slade Ct

Baez V: Republican

Get V a gift Is V Baez, ...

Baez W: Republican

Does W have a birthday coming up? Is 813-22.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

W Baez, ...

Baez Y: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Y Phone 813-38.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Y Baez, ...

Bafaro Thos Jr: Democrat

Find a mug just for Thos Is 813-88.-.... Tampa, FL 33615

Thos Bafaro, ...Arndale Cir

Bagabaldo Rick: Republican

Patriotic gifts just for Rick Is 813-93.-.... Tampa, FL 33604

Rick Bagabaldo, ...N Ashley St

Bagala Jack: Democrat

Find a mug just for Jack Phone 813-83.-.... Tampa, FL 33611

Jack Bagala, ...S West Shore Blvd

Bagan Stephen: Democrat

Buy Stephen a gift Is Stephen Bagan, ...Harbour Place Dr

Bagby H: Republican

Buy H a gift Phone 813-96.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

H Bagby, ...

Bagby Jon: Democrat

What would Jon do with this? Is 813-83.-.... Tampa, FL 33616

Jon Bagby, ...Ohio Ave

Bagdy Ashok: Democrat

Does Ashok have a birthday coming up? Is Ashok Bagdy, ...Torrington Ave

Bageard Lynne: Republican

Find a mug just for Lynne Is 813-88.-.... Tampa, FL 33615

Lynne Bageard, ...Flagstone Dr

Bageard M L: Democrat

M has always wanted one of these? Phone 813-88.-.... Tampa, FL 33615

M Bageard, ...Flagstone Dr

Bagen Evelyn: Democrat

Evelyn has always wanted one of these? Is 813-24.-.... Tampa, FL 33601

Evelyn Bagen, ...

Bagent V: Democrat

Does V have a birthday coming up? Is V Bagent, ...

Bager J: Republican

Does J need some patriotic OOMPH? Is 813-22.-.... Tampa, FL 33601

J Bager, ...

Baggar H: Democrat

H has always wanted one of these? Phone 813-85.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

H Baggar, ...

Baggar Hamid: Democrat

Hamid needs this.... really? Is 813-85.-.... Tampa, FL 33601

Hamid Baggar, ...

Bagge Chris: Democrat

Show Chris how much you care Is Chris Bagge, ...

Bagge Douglas: Republican

Find a mug just for Douglas Is Douglas Bagge, ...W Parkland Blvd

Bagge G: Republican

Would G approve of this? Phone 813-34.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

G Bagge, ...

Baggerly Diane: Republican

USA gifts just for Diane Is 813-92.-.... Tampa, FL 33626

Diane Baggerly, ...Greendale Dr

Baggerly F L: Republican

What would F do about this? Is 813-88.-.... Tampa, FL 33634

F Baggerly, ...Clearview Dr

Bagget Ruth: Republican

Ruth needs this.... really? Phone 813-92.-.... Tampa, FL 33626

Ruth Bagget, ...Lake Aston Ct

Baggett H A: Democrat

Would H approve of this? Is 813-93.-.... Tampa, FL 33614

H Baggett, ...W Waters Ave

Baggett J: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for J Is J Baggett, ...

Baggett J M: Republican

What would J do about this? Phone 813-93.-.... Tampa, FL 33612

J Baggett, ...N Edison Ave

Baggett J J: Republican

Buy J a gift Is J Baggett, ...Lola St

Baggett J M: Republican

Is J looking for this? Is J Baggett, ...N Edison Ave

Baggs Joshua: Democrat

Buy Joshua a gift Phone 813-62.-.... Tampa, FL 33619

Joshua Baggs, ...Serona Bluff Way

Baghdadi Ruth: Republican

Get Ruth a gift Is 813-24.-.... Tampa, FL 33635

Ruth Baghdadi, ...Camden Bay Dr

Baginski Eugene A: Republican

What would Eugene do with this? Is 813-65.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Eugene Baginski, ...Hollister Pl

Bagley Ann: Republican

Would Ann approve of this? Is 813-96.-.... Tampa, FL 33613

Ann Bagley, ...Lake Magdalene Cir

Bagley Burt: Republican

Look at this, Burt Phone 813-25.-.... Tampa, FL 33629

Burt Bagley, ...W Prospect Rd

Bagley C: Democrat

USA gifts just for C Is C Bagley, ...

Bagley Calvin C: Democrat

Show Calvin how much you care Is Calvin Bagley, ...S Belcher Dr

Bagley Charles: Democrat

Charles has always wanted one of these? Is Charles Bagley, ...Fennsbury Dr

Bagley D M: Democrat

Get D a gift Phone 813-24.-.... Tampa, FL 33605

D Bagley, ...Thelma St

Bagley Drew: Democrat

Listen to this, Drew? Is Drew Bagley, ...Lake Magdalene Cir

Bagley G J: Republican

Would G want this? Is G Bagley, ...

Bagley G: Democrat

USA gifts just for G Is G Bagley, ...

Bagley G Q: Democrat

What would G do about this? Is G Bagley, ...

Bagley Jamilia A: Democrat

USA gifts just for Jamilia Is 813-24.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Jamilia Bagley, ...

Bagley Karannea: Democrat

Listen to this, Karannea? Phone 813-62.-.... Tampa, FL 33601

Karannea Bagley, ...

Bagley Leonard: Republican

Show Leonard how much you care Is Leonard Bagley, ...Ferlita Way

Bagley Ora: Democrat

Ora needs this.... really? Phone 813-98.-.... Tampa, FL 33601

Ora Bagley, ...

Bagley Robert D: Republican

Is Robert looking for this? Is Robert Bagley, ...Woodbrook Dr

Bagley Rosia: Democrat

What would Rosia do about this? Is Rosia Bagley, ...N 13th St

Bagley Wallace: Republican

Would Wallace want this? Is Wallace Bagley, ...El Nita Ct

Bagley Warren: Democrat

USA gifts just for Warren Is Warren Bagley, ...

Bagli Leslie: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Leslie Is 813-92.-.... Tampa, FL 33602

Leslie Bagli, ...

Baglin Barbara: Democrat

Does Barbara have a birthday coming up? Is Barbara Baglin, ...Millbrook Ave