Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Torrance, CA

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Nething Fred W: Republican

Look at this, Fred Phone 310-78.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Fred Nething, ...Amapola Ave

Neu Ellen: Republican

Would Ellen approve of this? Is 310-32.-.... Torrance, CA 90505

Ellen Neu, ...Fern Ave

Neuenshcwander S M: Democrat

Listen to this, S? Is S Neuenshcwander, ...Nadine Cir

Neuenswander Margarita G: Democrat

Listen to this, Margarita? Phone 310-32.-.... Torrance, CA 90504

Margarita Neuenswander, ...Florwood Ave

Neu John A: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for John Is John Neu, ...Evalyn Ave

Neumann Carol: Democrat

Find a mug just for Carol Is 310-37.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Carol Neumann, ...

Neumann Robert: Republican

What would Robert do about this? Phone 310-78.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Robert Neumann, ...

Neuman Paul J: Republican

Paul has always wanted one of these? Is 310-37.-.... Torrance, CA 90505

Paul Neuman, ...Evalyn Ave

Neuman Sheila: Democrat

Listen to this, Sheila? Is 310-37.-.... Torrance, CA 90505

Sheila Neuman, ...W 226th St

Neumeyer L: Democrat

Would L want this? Phone 310-37.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

L Neumeyer, ...

Neuschafer T: Democrat

T's patriotic gift Is T Neuschafer, ...

Neuwirth John: Republican

Look at this, John Is John Neuwirth, ...Carlow Rd

Nevarez G: Republican

Get G a gift Phone 310-92.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

G Nevarez, ...

Nevarez Gilbert: Republican

USA gifts just for Gilbert Is 310-32.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Gilbert Nevarez, ...

Nevarez Juan: Democrat

USA gifts just for Juan Phone 310-61.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Juan Nevarez, ...Torrance Blvd

Neves Kevin B: Republican

Get Kevin a gift Is Kevin Neves, ...Santa Cruz Ct

Neville Christina: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for Christina Phone 310-53.-.... Torrance, CA 90504

Christina Neville, ...W 178th St

Neville J: Republican

Does J have a birthday coming up? Is 310-37.-.... Torrance, CA 90503

J Neville, ...Halison St

New Albert: Democrat

Get Albert a gift Phone 310-78.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

Albert New, ...W 213th St

Newbill Tony J: Democrat

Tony's patriotic gift Is Tony Newbill, ...

Newby M: Republican

Buy M a gift Is M Newby, ...

Newcomb-Mathis L: Republican

What would L do about this? Is 310-54.-.... Torrance, CA 90501

L Newcomb-Mathis, ...