Votes, Voters, & Voting Profiles in Tulsa, OK

Voting predictions for the 2014 elections. All data is guaranteed to be a true and accurate description of the factual data known by the RealVoters™ verification method.

Wellington Frederick V: Democrat

Would Frederick approve of this? Phone 918-58.-.... Tulsa, OK 74104

Frederick Wellington, ...S Wheeling Ave

Wellington Kent W: Republican

Hey Kent CHECK THIS OUT? Is Kent Wellington, ...E 19th St

Wellman D J: Republican

What would D do about this? Is 918-71.-.... Tulsa, OK 74112

D Wellman, ...S Canton Ave

Wellons Horace: Democrat

Show Horace how much you care Phone 918-48.-.... Tulsa, OK 74103

Horace Wellons, ...

Wells A: Democrat

A? A? Can you hear me A Is A Wells, ...

Wells Barbara: Republican

Listen to this, Barbara? Is 918-47.-.... Tulsa, OK 74136

Barbara Wells, ...S Victor Ave

Wells Ben: Democrat

What would Ben do about this? Phone 918-83.-.... Tulsa, OK 74110

Ben Wells, ...E Admiral Ct

Wells Bill: Democrat

Would Bill approve of this? Is Bill Wells, ...E 76th Ct

Wells Brenda: Democrat

Listen to this, Brenda? Is Brenda Wells, ...E 26th Pl

Wells Burt: Republican

Would Burt approve of this? Phone 918-44.-.... Tulsa, OK 74132

Burt Wells, ...S 32nd West Ave

Wells C: Democrat

USA gifts just for C Is C Wells, ...E 24th

Wells Cathy: Republican

Find a mug just for Cathy Is 918-74.-.... Tulsa, OK 74105

Cathy Wells, ...S Boston Pl

Wells Cedric: Republican

Cedric has always wanted one of these? Phone 918-39.-.... Tulsa, OK 74107

Cedric Wells, ...W 55th St

Wells Christina: Republican

Find a mug just for Christina Is Christina Wells, ...S Toledo Ave

Wells Courtney: Republican

Buy Courtney a gift Is 918-58.-.... Tulsa, OK 74106

Courtney Wells, ...W Haskell St

Wells D: Republican

Show D how much you care Phone 918-83.-.... Tulsa, OK 74115

D Wells, ...E Newton Pl

Wells D L: Republican

Would D approve of this? Is D Wells, ...S Florence Ave

Wells David: Republican

Buy David a gift Is David Wells, ...E 10th St

Wells Deann: Republican

Does Deann have a birthday coming up? Phone 918-66.-.... Tulsa, OK 74129

Deann Wells, ...

Wells Diane: Republican

Diane's patriotic gift Is Diane Wells, ...S Knoxville Ave

Wells Donald: Democrat

Is Donald looking for this? Is 918-29.-.... Tulsa, OK 74137

Donald Wells, ...S Indianapolis Ave

Wells Doug: Republican

Would Doug want this? Phone 918-29.-.... Tulsa, OK 74137

Doug Wells, ...E 106th Pl

Wells E A: Democrat

Patriotic gifts just for E Is E Wells, ...E 3rd St

Wells Elizabeth: Democrat

What would Elizabeth do about this? Is 918-79.-.... Tulsa, OK 74105

Elizabeth Wells, ...E 31st Pl

Wells Florence: Republican

Find a mug just for Florence Phone 918-79.-.... Tulsa, OK 74136

Florence Wells, ...S Victor Ave

Wells G: Republican

Get G a gift Is 918-28.-.... Tulsa, OK 74133

G Wells, ...S 110th East Ave

Wells Gaines A: Republican

Buy Gaines a gift Is 918-48.-.... Tulsa, OK 74133

Gaines Wells, ...S 67th East Ave

Wells Gene: Republican

What would Gene do about this? Phone 918-62.-.... Tulsa, OK 74145

Gene Wells, ...E 32nd Pl

Wells Gerald R: Democrat

Buy Gerald a gift Is 918-43.-.... Tulsa, OK 74128

Gerald Wells, ...S 108th East Ave

Wells Gerry: Republican

Does Gerry have a birthday coming up? Is Gerry Wells, ...N Madison Ave

Wells H F: Republican

What would H do about this? Phone 918-25.-.... Tulsa, OK 74133

H Wells, ...S 88th East Pl

Wellshear V R: Democrat

Would V approve of this? Is V Wellshear, ...E 66th St

Wells Howard: Republican

Listen to this, Howard? Is Howard Wells, ...E 71st Pl

Wells Ivery: Democrat

Listen to this, Ivery? Phone 918-42.-.... Tulsa, OK 74106

Ivery Wells, ...E Mohawk Blvd

Wells Jack C: Democrat

Would Jack want this? Is Jack Wells, ...E 102nd St

Wells Jackie: Republican

USA gifts just for Jackie Is 918-72.-.... Tulsa, OK 74119

Jackie Wells, ...S Boston Ave

Wells Jennifer: Republican

Jennifer's patriotic gift Phone 918-74.-.... Tulsa, OK 74114

Jennifer Wells, ...S Cincinnati Ave

Wells Joe W: Republican

Is Joe looking for this? Is 918-43.-.... Tulsa, OK 74116

Joe Wells, ...E Newton Pl

Wells John T: Republican

Get John a gift Is 918-74.-.... Tulsa, OK 74120

John Wells, ...E 19th St

Wells John M: Republican

Would John approve of this? Phone 918-49.-.... Tulsa, OK 74136

John Wells, ...S Saint Louis Pl